Pipeline Risk Assessment for Krisna D to Krisna B Platform project for CNOOC in 2005 at South East Sumatera, Indonesia Detail Engineering Design for Tempino - Plaju Oil Pipeline project for PT. PERTAMINA GAS in 2008 at Tempino - Plaju, South Sumatera, Indonesia Pipeline Integrity of Finite Elemenet Analysis for Hot Tap Connection project for TOTAL E&P INDONESIA in 2005 at Tunu Field, Indonesia Buliding FEED for Kamojang Unit V project for PT. PERTAMINA GEOTHERMAL ENERGY in 2012 at Kamojang, West Java, Indonesia Project Mangement Construction for PT. PERTAMINA GAS in 2009 at Pondok Tengah - Tegalgede, West Java, Indonesia FEED & Detail Engineering Design for Production Facilities Geothermal of Unit II & III project for PT. PERTAMINA GAS in 2005 at Lahendong, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Preliminary Design of New Topside Piping System project for CONOCO PHILLIPS at West Natuna, Indonesia RBI for Static Mechanical Equipment and Piping project for PT. ARUN NGL in 2008 at Loksumawe, Aceh, Indonesia Remaining Life Analysis - Short Report of Strength Analysis for Corroded WHP-A Riser project for CONOCO PHILLIPS in 2007 at Belanak, Indonesia Study of Gas Compressor Installation Assessment project for PT. PERTAMINA EP SUMATERA REGION in 2009 at West Musi and Merbau Field, South Sumatera, Indonesia Fuel Terminal Engineering Design project for PT. PERTAMINA in 2010 at Betoambari, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia Well Integrity Analysis due to Lima Subsidence project for BP WEST JAVA in 2007 at North West Java, Indonesia

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